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Team work is what makes our company successful.

Team work means we ALL work together to accomplish the task at hand as a group. It is the one underlining quality that pulls us through when the mission gets tough. When you come to Apple Towing Co. to seek employment this is what we are seeking from you as an employee, and what you can expect from a work family. 

  • All applicants may apply by submitting an electronic application utilizing the links below.


  • All driver applicants are required to have an Incident Managment TDLR Card at minimum. 


  • Light Duty drivers are required to have a minimum of 2 years commercial driving experience. 


  • CDL drivers are required to have a minimum of 5 years driving experience. 


  • 10 year employment history must be available & accurate.


  • A drug screen is required upon hire, and ALL employees are subject to random testing thereafter.


If you have an Incident Management TDLR license, or wish to apply for a position other than a truck operator click the link below. If you do not have an Incident Management TDLR license follow the steps provided in the links below to get certified.

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