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Apple Towing provides a Heavy Duty Recovery service that is second to none in the towing industry! Our trucks, equipment, and personnel are certified and tested daily to ensure that your assets are protected throughout the recovery process.

Our recovery specialists handle Vehicle Extractions, Winch-Outs, Tractor Trailer Rollovers, Airbag Recoveries, Load Shifts, Spill Cleanup, Airplanes, Tankers, Mixers, De-Humidifiers, AC Units, Containers, Forklifts, Cranes, Generators, Man-lifts, Front-end Loaders, RVs, Buses, Mobile homes, and more on a daily basis!! 

Towing & Recovery

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If your equipment or assets need to be stored at Apple Towing while other arrangements are made, our secure storage lot has motion-censored alarms that are under constant 24 hour surveillance.


Apple Towing is capable and qualified to handle your assets!

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